Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 28, 2012

Stéphane Venne: Attention la vie est courte
The Velvet Underground: White Light / White Heat
The Almighty Defenders: I'm coming home
Cousins: Secret Weapon
The Modern Lovers: Pablo Picasso
Henri Hamel: Céphalée
Savs: ?
Parallel Pyres: You seen her
Marcel Lévèque / F. Leclerc: Bozo
Psychic TV: Godstar
New Fast Automatic Daffodil: Big
Makers: Don't Challenge Me
David Lynch: Ghost of Love
The Moas: Blue Light
Lee Ronaldo & J. Mascis: Albatross

Saturday, September 22, 2012

September 20, 2012

Gino Vanelli - Black Cars (remix)
Black Grape - Get Higher
Stephanne Venne - Attention la vie est courte (background)
Vicious Crystals - Go Go Go
The Bobby Fuller Four - Let Her Dance
Danger Bay theme song (background)
Sylvia Love - Instant Love
Neon Indian - Sleep Paralysist
Francoise Cousineau - Pulsation
Harry J Allstars - The Liquidator
Blackberry Way - CTA 102
Bob Lucier - C'mon son
The Flying Burrito Brothers - Christine's Tune
Moe Koffman - Funky Monkey
The Charlatans - North Country Boy
The Band - King Harvest (has come again)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Tune In, Turn Up!

This is the blog post where I tell you about FM-phasis, in case you don't already know about it. It's the annual fundraising drive for CFCR, and I am going to be asking for donations. You can call into my show (or any time) - the studio line is 242-5002, or you can call the office during business hours, 664-6678, to give your pledge information ton one of the volunteers. They'll accept cash, cheque, MasterCard and Visa. You can also pay online with PayPal. Or you could go in, in person - that's the 3rd floor of 267, 3rd Ave South - they're there 9 - 9 during FM-phasis.

If you have any questions you can email me, Do you have any requests? I think you can also comment on this post, if you have questions.

Hope to hear from you - and check out for more information on donating!



September 13, 2012

Catbag - Town and City (background)
Paul and Linda McCartney - Too Many People
Jean-Claude Vannier - Le roi des mouche et la confiture de rose
The Reveens - Twisted Games
Catbag - Old Corruption (background)
The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset
EXPWY - We will try to lamplight Brooklyn
Human Television - Ten Minutres
Catbag - The Factory Movement
Fraser/Sereda - Untitled (background)
William Basinski - Dip 3
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Poppies
Yo la Tengo - Autumn Sweater
Ronnie Taylor - Without Love
Catbag - Pump Room (background)
Seefeel - Industrious

September 6, 2012

Jean Cousineau - Generique (background)
The Verve - A Northern Soul
Wild Highway - Rollin' 
Michael Kiwanuka - Tell Me a Tale
David Axelrod - Song of Innocence
Elisa Randazzo - Colors
Leonard Cohen - A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes
Eric's Trip - Lightly Feeling
Form - Mal
Lisa Lougheed - Run with Us (from The Raccoons) 
Fever Ray - When I Grow Up
Drumhand - Moving Still (background)
Destroyer - Chinatown
The Caesars - Punkrocker
Skip Spence - Little Hands

Saturday, September 1, 2012

August 30, 2012

Public Image Ltd - Public Image
Pete Shelley - Homosapien (dub)
Ringo Deathstarr - In Love
Androgynous Mind - Knock on my Door
Mark Fry - Song for Wilde
House of Love - Christine
Estelle Reich - Completement Gaga (background)
Shad - Old Prince
Marlena Shaw - California Soul
Jean-Pierre Ferland - Prologue
Jean-Pierre Ferland - Le Petit Roi
Chevalier Avant Garde - Young
54-40 - Baby Ran
Spiritualized - Any Way that you Want Me
Michel Robidoux and P.F. Brault - Les Planetes