Friday, January 4, 2013

January 4, 2013

New Years Resolutions in Music

1. Flying Lotus - Until the Quiet Comes
(dig deeper into electronic music, past and present - start with Warp Records)
2. Liars - The Exact Colour of Doubt
(give bands that you didn't think you like a second chance)
3. Autre Ne Veut - Counting
(Princeperation ha ha - more Prince this year, more people who sound like they listened to Prince from other peoples' moving vehicles)
4. Creaks - Daydream
(get out of the house, and the city, more - this band is from Edmonton and I'm going to see them on February )
5. The Go Team - Ready to go Steady
(more melodies and rolling drums)
6. Jacques Du Tronc - Les gens sont fous, les temps sont flous
(learn to speak French)
7. Braids - Peach Wedding
(see #2)
8. Kylie Minogue - The One
(hope there are some sweet dance tracks this year)
9. Nino Nardini - New Invention, from Tomorrow's Achievements: Parry Music Library 1976-86)
(go to the library more often)
10. The Factory - Path Through the Forest
(no resolution, resolutions are overrated)
11. Great Marble - In the Air
(see #4 about getting out more)
12. The Verve - Catching the Butterfly
(go back to your "zero" music - reset the counter, zero out, start over with what makes you feel good)
13. Harry Forbes - Tomorrow's Achievements from Tomorrow's Achievements: Parry Music Library 1976-86)
(Happy new Year!)

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  1. Big yes to Warp Records (also check out Pop Quiz Records right here in S'toon - but you probably knew that! :D )